Viewed the scene on a black and white T.V. Chose your words "hey mom I want to be..." So, study hard. Your work became your cell. Don't you dare inhale, or you'll be damned to hell! No! Yes, back and in your prime and things are in a swirl. Solaced with your choice, out pops a baby girl! Family now complete, and power's in your hands. You've won the greatest prize, it's time to take a stand. Sphincter freed last on your common throne. You think the kill weeds chompin' at your noodles flow. There's somethin about the herb, so fast, hypnotize. A ripened head change that'll pillow your eyes. Will you be the superman inflicting drastic change? The power of your name has spanded out a boundless range. Will you meet the needs of a fast paced, awkward, life-span I call "we"? Our trust is now within you. So by soul cries let it be. Pillow your eyes! Yes, I, praise Jah!



Name: Jose Pasillas - Drums

Age: 25

Birthday: 04-26-1976

Equipment:  -Sabian Cymbals
                     - 22" aax studio ride
                     -14" aax fast hi-hats
                     - 19" hh med thin crash,
                     -18" 45" aa studio ride/crash
                     - 17" aa fast crash,
                     - 10" aa splash
                     - 8" aax splash
                     - 6" aax splash
                     - #19" aaxtreme chinese
                     - 12"aax chinese crash
                     - Custom DW set (made for him
                     - 7x8, 8x10, 9x12 tom toms
                     - 16x16 floor tom
                     - 20x22 kick drum
                     - 5x14 snare drum
                     - 5x12 snare drum
                     - Pearl drum rack system
                     - cymbal arms
                     - dw 7000 kick pedal
                     - 5000 hi-hat stand